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 Alexis Elkins  has a talented gift  that was inspired by Granger Smith & Taylor Swift to sing she stated singing around the house but, she  started working on singing June of 2013.  very first time she perform in front of an audience was June 21, 2013 at El Jacalito’s Restaurant in 7 Point’s, Texas. she sang “Rolling In The Deep”... Alexis have performed on Stage at: El Jacalito’s Restaurant, an Love And War (for Tunes For Tots),an Clines Corner (On the mountain in Canton, Tx) & Reeds Country Music Showdown. She  just perfore at the “Rialto Theatre, Denison, Tx on Feb & The 1st Annual Wild Flower Festival in her hometown in April.2014...

Alexis have been in 2 singing contests: Rains County Fair singing competition, won 2nd place & Edgewood Talent Contest, won 1st place she soooo talented she loves doing what she does she loves singing for her fans when she sings she says it the best feeling she ever have she says its were she belong singing is her life an she wants share her love for music with ever one an even the world...She dont have a CD yet but she would love have her own when she does u all be the first to know i would buy her cd because i love hearing her singing she sings like a angel i can tell u this that she writes her own music she is working on her own music an taking guitar lessons her dream is to write her own music but her song is not completed yet but she going make one someday an she cant wait for u all hear it..

Alexis loves  Southern/pop country, she sings  classic country at the Opry’s her favorite Color, Turquoise.  an Food, Sushi she loves candy, Hersey’s 
Chocolate Bar,When she not singing she spend a lot of time with her little brother Aiden who is silly, fun and super cute to her, She have an awesome older brother whose 23yrs old and Alexis loves  spending time with him when he is in town, she a Cheerleader, and she  take Theatre at school she loves it. At her UIL One Act Play competition she won best Actress out of 4 schools. It was an amazing feeling she said , she love to sing in her studio her parents built for her,  Alexis love spending time with her friends, when she have time and get  be outside to play she loves being out side. 
If she could pick any place in the world to sing she said she would pick Nashville   
she see her self in the future Being a singer and actress in Nashville/ Hollywood.
Alexis have never sang anywhere famous or with anyone famous but she have performed in many local places. Alexis has also sang many times with one of her best friends Kadie Lynn and it was so fun she said  Alexis says if her favorite singer came to her house and asked her to sing she  would love too. Even through Taylor Swift inspired her,alexis dream is to sing with not only her but also Miranda Lambert. Alexis a very bright kid with a dream that will come true she will below your mind away when u hear her sing i know her dreams will come true


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