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Quotes I'm soo soo glad I stumbled upon this website. Jeff is such a great guy and he inspires you to want to do more! And create more music. Those type of people are really hard to come by. Thank you soo much for your help and the site Jeff!! Keep up the good work :) Bevzeley Quotes
Satisfied client

Quotes Thank you so much Jeff for all of your support with our daughter and all the other amazing artist that you support! Awesome website!! Keep doing what you are doing! Donna Marie Quotes
Brooke's Mom

Quotes Jeff is an outstanding supporter who goes well above anyone's expectations in his dedication he devotes to all the children he supports on his amazing website the time , love and constant support and hours of dedication it must take to maintain this website is amazing, I take my hat of to you Jeff , its been an amazing journey to watch your website grow , thank you for invitation to join your wonderful website. Sandy (Mum) ( Kayla Jo < Chevellesisters) Quotes
Thanks Jeff

Quotes Jeff is an amazing supporter of young, aspiring talent. He is very unselfish and has a heart of gold. We are so happy that he has chosen to include and feature Sivan's music on his wonderful website. We love you Jeff. Teri and Sivan. Quotes
Teri DiGiulian
(Mom to Sivan Ben-David)

Quotes I want to personal thank Jeff Delong for all he has done for Celeste Turner! She is in the show----Chasing Nashville---- because of him!!! The producers in NYC contacted him first and then he contacted us and then we got in touch with the producers in NYC and it went from this to the show!! It all started because of Stars of the Future! We met Jeff in Nashville,Tn in person. He has a heart of gold and you can trust what he says!! He truly just wants to help young people succeed in life and get known!! Quotes
Shirley Stamper Justice
Grandmother of Celeste Turner

Quotes Of the few articles I've had the pleasure to have had the time to view and comment on, I've learned much more information about the people I thought I knew most everything about. Jeff digs up rare and unknown facts that really enhance my enjoyment of the people I do know. I usually try to get familiar with the individual artist prior to looking at Jeff's articles, but it's probably not completely necessary if one is curious about someone. I highly recommend Stars of the Future to all of my friends. Perry Malinos Quotes
All around nice guy!

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