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Brooke Falls, 13 years old. Elaine Paige who performed as Grizzabella in the Broadway show CATS singing the song “Memory” was Brooke's biggest inspiration to start singing. Brooke was around 8 years old. She was about 9 when she started to do theater, which has since led her to start singing solo. Brooke has done vocal competitions; talent shows and she has been in 9 theater productions. To include just a few, Brooke was Annie in Annie, The Genie in Aladdin and Sebastian in The Little Mermaid which was one of the hardest productions she did because Brooke had to speak and sing with a Caribbean accent but it was really fun too!

Brooke won first place in her school talent show in 2011. She was also the Grand Prize Winner in The Rising Stars Vocal Competition in 2012. The competition was to raise money for The Shriner’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Brooke decided if she were to win, she would donate all of the prize money to the hospital. Which she was honored to do! What is it like singing and singing for her fans: Brooke says she still working on building a fan base, but she does love performing at local venues around her area. Do you have your own CD if not, would u like to: I am currently working on my first CD with my manager that will hopefully be out by the Spring/Summer of 2014. I do have a single out that will be on my album and it’s called “Dry Your Eyes” available on iTunes.

Also, Brooke has written one song that will be on her album. Brooke likes to sing Broadway & Classical songs as well as R&B/Soul which is the genre of her upcoming album. Her Favorite color is light blue and she loves steamed clams. When Brooke is not singing she likes to hang out with her friends and do theatre. Brooke would love to perform at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall because she would love to sing on a stage where many other famous and talented artists performed at. She would also love to perform on Broadway. Brooke sees herself in the future doing anything that involves working with music. She knows that music will be in her life forever. Brooke would love if Tori Kelly and she did a cover together of the song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Brooke is very talented young lady. She is smart and is very sweet and kind. Her dreams are shinning bright and she never gives up on what she believes in. She goes for it, she says if you have a dream just go for it!

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