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Celeste Turner is from Eastern Kentucky, U.S.A., and according to her grandmother she has been singing and dancing since she could walk and talk.  Celeste credits her inspiration for singing to her mom and dad because there was always music on around the house while she was growing up.  Both Celeste’s mom and dad play instruments and frequently played and sang to her while she was growing up.  Celeste plays the piano and she is starting to take guitar lessons.  She started performing in her church when she was about 3 years old.  Celeste sang a solo of “You Are Mine” on Mother’s Day when she was in kindergarten, and she has continually entered an Idol Contest at school in grades kindergarten thru the 8th. Auditioning and making it to the finals where she had the honor to sing in front of the entire school, Celeste sang “Angels Watching Over Me,” and won the Allen Idol and a trophy.  Celeste loves to sing all types of music: Pop, Country and Christian; and prior to singing she gets a little nervous if she knows the people in the audience.  Celeste is actually a quadruple threat as she loves to sing, dance, model and act.


You’re welcome to go to her YouTube channel anytime,, and spend time getting to know her much better while watching her sing and dance.  Celeste has a webpage that’s coming very soon in the future, and she aspires to be a singer and perform in front of the large crowds of cheering fans.  Celeste hasn’t recorded a CD yet, but plans to do so in the summer of 2012, which will include an original song that she wrote. Besides the many artistic interests and performing aspirations, Celeste is a straight “A” Honor Roll student at her school. Her favorite foods are fruit and pizza, and Celeste’s dream venue to perform at is Madison Square Garden.  Celeste is one amazing artist and she will always follow what she believes in, always going for what she loves to do.  This young lady has an amazingly awesome voice that everyone will be impressed by and shocked at because of what comes from this amazing singer.  One never knows what she will sing next, but you can be certain that it will blow your mind.  All I know is that her dreams are coming true with each new day and I know Celeste will make it in the entertainment industry.  Everyone will know her name someday and see and hear her gift. The world will love her for the same things I see in her.  Celeste is a bright shinning star to us all, and I wish her best of luck and really want her to keep doing what she does the best, bringing us all the wonderful entertainment. You have a true gift so don't ever let anyone put you down because you have such an amazing gift from God, and he is so proud of you. I hope to see you singing one day and see your star shining brightly.  We all love you, Celeste!

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