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  • She first started singing before making her first sounds. Chanel been singing as long she can remember.... she have had lots of opportunities to perform for large audiences, Over 60,000 at Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, Tn and she also was blessed with opportunity to perform at the Lincoln Center in NY, NY. By age 3, she would sing Whitney , Mariah, or Celine. She love singing R&B, Pop, Jazz, while R&B is her favorite. her Fav songs Who's Loving You-Jackson Five is my favorite  or a Mariah Carey because she can hit hi notes of G7, Some people know this as a Whistle Note 8. Contest, Yes she have been in and won several talent contest in the past. However, now she is working more on her music.  Other interest include acting, dancing, spending time with her family and friends.  she is presently working on her 3rd single, are now on Itunes. Chanel Official video just released. she working to complete her EP or Album.

  • She have also started taking rap lessons. Really cool and fun she says she an honor student and also a pretty good dancer  her fav color is Pink and  fav food is anything Italian She  think music and singing are most certainly in her future....Yes, she want to be a singer in the future. she love sing in  The LARGEST STADIUM in the world...she is amaizng talnted kid with a dream and her dreams are coming true she is amazing star and she a sweet heart she love helping others and love shareing her gift with her fans and family and fans she sing like a angel and the world is seeing her true gift keep doing what u do my friend u are a true star... she loves following her dreams she a bright kid with a heart of gold she sings from her heart and enjoy singing with all her heart chanel and jada facer they been making videos together and they did amazing awesome job on them i am very proud of chanel for following her dreams and not giving up on what she loves to do 

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