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Elena started singing about a year and a half ago. She started taking lessons from the New School of Music in October 2010. She has been playing the piano for about 3 years her teacher is Rick Smith owner of New School of Music and conductor of the Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra. She is inspired by both by Samantha Barks and Selena Gomez. Elena has performed at recitals for her music school. Lately she has been invited to many singing venues. When people would respond to her YouTube videos they would often say she has a powerful voice. During her recital when all the other singers used a microphone and her teacher took it away when it was her turn. She sang On My Own, and you can even see them move the microphone on the YouTube video. Elena is an amazing singer for her age. She truly sings from her heart and she blows people away when she sings. Her amazing voice is a gift from god and she never gives up on what she loves. We believe Elena has an amazing voice and that she is a shining star. If you listen to her songs below we believe you will love her music.

elena wants to be a singer and an actress she is training to be a triple threat. elena takes Singing, Acting and Dance lessons. Since her dad owns the Opera House Family Center where they teach gymnastics, martial arts, dance and more, elena have also been doing gymnastics and martial arts for many years. she even have to teach as a substitute sometimes. elena have also done a few years of competition cheerleading. her favorite color is the color of my ipod, blue. her favorite food is Italian.

Besides pop Elena loves singing musicals and her favorite songs to sing are those sung by Eponine in “Les Miserables''. She has been used as a model for contests at the Atlanta Photographic Society and they often won first place. Elena remembers that the first time she sang in front of people she felt excited yet nervous. The nervous feeling changed to a sense of accomplishment as soon as she finished. One of her dreams is having her own CD. Elena is working toward a career like Selena Gomez as she likes to be a singer and actor. Elena is a true star and we know her dreams will come true. Her dream place to sing would be the O2 Arena in London where the 25th anniversary of “Les Miserables'' was performed. Elena is an amazing star to us all and we know all her dreams will come true. Check out her youtube channel for more of her amazing singing. She will blow your mind away keep up the good work Elena.

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