Stars of the future






Elissa Mariah started singing when she was around 3 years old She discovered her voice around ... you will know her from YouTube, She very very talented young lady her voice like a angel,Elissa Plays guitar but she still learning She was always around music when growing up because of her mother she was also a singer an her mom inspired her to sing .she wants to become a professional recording artist

Elissa has performed before an she said their was a lot of people their an she had so much fun singing in front of people she really enjoys it.. Elissa loves pop Music her Favorite song are "Set fire to the rain by Adele" when i heard her  sing i was shock that this young lady has amazing voice she sings so beautiful an u can see she enjoys singing an with heart to she puts in a lot of love in her music people go crazy when they hear her voice from this talented young child.. Yes she has been in contests she has been in Rising stars an The next star ..singing her first song was a great experience...

'Personal Interests' When she not singing she be doing arts an crafts she loves to draw . we hope one day she show her arts an crafts with us some day..She don't have her own CD yet but she said she is working on that for the future she really would like to have her own CD with her own original Music.. She says the future is very promising for her she wants to be a singer any thing is possible, that is true we know her dreams will come true if she could pick a place to sing in the world it would be Madison square gardens...Elissa is a true star she shinning very bright she a star to us all she will always have people an friends be their for her to help her dreams come true we all believe in her an we see her shinning bright already..



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