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Emelie Englund is 10 years old. from Sweden , where she lives  with her  family and two siblings. Emelie started with a Vocal Coach when she was 8 years old where she  recorded the songs and was featured on many masterclasser..  Its amazing hearing a wonderful voice coming from a 10 year old,a lot of people are shock hearing this wonderful young lady sing even when she is 10 when i check her out on YouTube wow i cant believe my eyes an ears,emelie has talent i mean it she does have talent she joys singing an when watching her sing u see her shine bright because she following her dreams..

Emelie have raced around in different places in Sweden where she sang and danced . she do not write any original songs , but she get them songs that she will sing with her singing coach. emelie going to sing in a music studio 1 time a week and she loves it she found out on Youtube with some recorded songs that she have done and more will come.She sees her future as bright and she hopes she will get keep doing what she loves and that is to sing and be on stage .
Emelie likes to sing it all when it comes to pop and disco. When they have friends and family with them, they always ask their friends for her to sing and it's really fun. she love to perform and ideally, emelie would like to stand on a big stage with lots of audience an just sing she joys singing on stage an sing to all her fans.
Her wish is to sing in a different country as the U.S. but she may start to occur in Sweden .

she has many good friends that she  hang out often. Her friends have the same interests that she haves singing and dancing .she loves hanging out with her friends an just have fun  they always  perform for each other and it's really fun she said.
The best thing in the world is being with she says is with the family and watch movies and eat candy.
with  her family, they listen a lot of music  its really fun she says, we know her dreams will come true she has a true heart she follows her dreams an she is shinning bright an all her fans an friends loves her for following what she loves to do an we all believe in her keep following your dreams my dear friend. you can find her on youtube check her out when u get time u will love what u hear believe me she will blow u away,

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