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 Emilia de Leur, She has always been singing when she was little, she was born into a musical family. Since she was 4 yrs old 4/5.She has been singing on different stages, both in school and in contests In Sweden.Emilia loves singing and is doing it more or less all the time, at home and she is also taking vocallessons. She has a very skillful voice for her age, Emilia don't have her own CD yet but she said it's a dream and she is working with a studio and a producer  in Sweden.She is not writing her own music yet she will some day an i know we all cant wait here her own songs, This young talented lady has a true gift that we all love an enjoy listen to her sing she has a true heart in music an loves it so much her fans an her family love hearing her sing an her family is so very proud of her an so are we she is following her dreams an going for what she loves an we all be their by her side all the way when she shinning bright an she is shinning bright the whole would is seeing her shine.

 She can sing different genres but has found her style in pop music an she very good singing pop music, Emilia has Different colors actually an her Fav, food is  Sushi that is a little things she likes, Emilia  loves dancing streetdance, swimming, have fun with her friends, playing with her dog. She would love to get discovered in the Usa! an we hope she come to usa an perform for us all we know she will do great an shine bright she awesome singer we all love her  an her voice.
 She has big dreams and wants to work on becoming a big artist touring in the whole world as long she has her family an friends an fans an she believe in her self her dreams will come true she has a big heart an we all believe in her an She would love sing with some of her favourite Would be an honour she said ,she wants tell all her fans if u have a dream never let any one get in your way go for what u love to do,

Emilia is amazing kid an has amazing voice sings so wonderful u have to check her out an have a listen to this talented young lady u will love what u will hear believe me when i listen to her sing was shock she has a gift from god her links below this page an website to have a look for your self.

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