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EMILY is from Oklahoma----This little country girl lives in a place where she can let her heart shine and can share her gift with everyone. This amazing 9 year old has a true heart for music and sings from her soul and heart. She loves singing and she never gives up on her dreams. When you hear her sing she will put a smile on your face, she has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. Emily has been singing since before she could talk. She hummed all the time as a baby and loved watching the baby Mozart videos. The first time she sang on stage was at the age of 5 when she entered a competition with the American Kids that was in her h0me town. Emily was always a very shy little girl, so her mom says she was surprised when Emily came home from school and wanted to enter the competition. One of the girls in her class had been taking voice lessons since she was 2 year old, and Emily wanted to do what she was doing. Emily's mom and dad really did not think she would ever go on stage so she didn't bother to enter her in the contest. The day before the contest Emily came home in tears because the other little girl (whose mom was running the contest) had teased her in school about not getting to be in the competition. Her mom said she felt bad but told Emily you don't even know a song to sing. She said Emily proudly told her yes I do, I know Jesus Loves Me. Her mom then pulled an old flower girls dress out of the closet and took her to the competition first thing the next morning. They allowed her to enter the contest but her parents thought she's never go through with it because of how shy she was.Her parents said to their amazement she proudly walked on stage and didn't miss a note. Like a statue with a painted on smile she sang the song beautifully and won the competition. She advanced on to the state competition where she won again and they were off to Branson for Nationals where she won 1st place again. Her parents said they had a very difficult pregnancy with Emily and almost lost her

Personal Interests: Emily lives in a small country town just outside Oklahoma City with her Mom, Dad, and her sister Katie. She has an older sister Amanda that is married and a niece, Addy that is 5 years old. She also has an older brother Michael that she dearly loves. She loves and excels at school, reading, playing with her friends , softball, basketball , cheer, and dance...She loves anything Pink and as she calls it Justin Bieber Purple (Yes we have the Bieber Fever Big time) She says she is going to open for him someday.             

Emily is amazing kid and sings from her heart and everyone loves hearing her sing. She has a true gift from God and if you listen to her it's like hearing an angel sing. She is an amazing singer and her dreams are coming true. Emily plays the piano and guitar and would like to learn the fiddle, banjo, mandolin and harmonica. Emily performs every weekend with many different bands throughout the year with very few weekends off. Some weekends she is performing on more than one show in various towns across Oklahoma and surrounding states. She performed at Sioux falls SD at the Lifelight Festival which was this past Labor Day weekend and had over 300,000 people in attendance. It was a Christian festival with 5 stages running. Emily has really started to find her big girl voice this past year and it just keeps getting stronger and stronger every month.

Emily loves to perform all genres of music including both traditional and new country, traditional and new gospel, bluegrass, and pop. Her mom makes sure she has enough material to play at whatever event comes up no matter what the genre. Her favorite songs to sing right now are her new originals that her mom and her wrote. "Mean Girls" is a song that talks about anti-bullying and "Messages to Heaven" is a song they wrote about some of the Make a Wish kids she works with.Emily has released 3 CD's now but is most proud of her CD she recorded in Nashville. It's a Country/Gospel CD and has 6 originals on it, 3 of which Emily co-wrote.Emily has recorded in several studios over the past 2 years but had the most fun recording her latest CD Faith's in the Future. It was recorded in Nashville with the Legendary PT Houston as her Producer who is best known for his work with the Eagles. It contains 6 original songs, 3 of which Emily and her mom wrote and then enlisted others to help them with the musical arrangement. Band members included Rich Redmond - Drummer and Tully Kennedy- Bass Guitar player, both of which are members of the Jason Aldean band. Kerry Marx- lead guitar player for the Grand Ole' Opry, Charles Judge who works with many well know artist including Carrie Underwood, and Michael Spriggs an acoustic guitar player who is best known for his work with Eddie Rabbit.Her newest CD is titled Emily Faith "Christmas Wishes" and all the proceeds go directly to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Emily wants to become a singer but also has a strong passion for helping others so she would also like to be a teacher or a veterinarian.Emily wants to open for Reba McEntire, Leann Rimes, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber just like every other little girl but we have encouraged her to use her God given talent to help as many others as possible. So she says she wants to sing for the world so she can help all those in need. She does a lot of work with the American Disabled Veterans, The Make A Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Societ

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