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Erin Bolland  joined her local Glee club with a friend for fun when she was 8 yrs old,a singing teacher at Glee club overheard her sing and suggested her to have a private lessons at her 1st experience of stage when she was 8 yrs old , at a local club with her glee friends ..she sang a solo "Beautiful people" by Cher and got bitten by the stage bug...this was in Paisley where she live she  have sung at a few competitions around Scotland in fact she practicing this year for a nationwide comp, TEEN STAR. she not a big fan of these comps. but she try to look at them as confidence building..

Erin is talented kid an she has the best supporters ever her friends an her family to help her get out their an be their by her side she amazing kid with a wonderful dreams an a heart of gold her day will come because i know she will be amazing artist

Erin currently taking keyboard , guitar , and songwriting lessons ..a musicianship lesson . which she loving . Erin will have her own songs soon and be playing them herself she will be going into the recording studio soon to record some covers ..mainly for the experience Erin sing lots of styles of music but she particularly drawn to country , which her mum loves her dad loves everything from Frank Sinatra to ACDC her sister loves dance so she hear everything..

Erin loves singing to a big crowd she feel so excited and nervous but once she start her nerves dissappear and she love every minute ..small crowds terrify her !! but again once she singing all her nerves are gone.. my favorite colour is turquoise , favorite food Mexican chicken fajitas when she not singing she playing netball, She part of her district team Paisley juniors , Erin also love to play football and she train with her school team . she loves her friends and any spare time she have, She like to hang out with them. She would love to sing at the superbowl this is the biggest stage anyone could possibly sing ..the whole world would be watching Erin ..then she could say she made it Erin would love to be a successful recording artist if one direction came to her house she wouldnt be able to sing because she be screaming !!!!! but once she had calmed down she would be sooo happy to sing ..Erin would love also to sing with Taylor swift, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry , Annie Lennox ( who is a scottish influence of mine )


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