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Kadie Lynn is 11 years old, from Kemp,Tx,close to Seven Points and Gun Barrel City  I give you a talented young lady that has a dream of becoming a star. When Kadie Lynn was little her mom sang to her and then Kadie Lynn started to sing the next day at church for the first time her mom was the one who inspired her to sing,and her dad inspired to play guitar she is really good at it to. Kadie Lynn has performed almost everywhere in East Texas ,Mainstreet Opry in Farmersville,Tx,Hayseed Opry in Seven Points,Tx,The Wylie Opry,The beautiful Arlington Music Hall were she first met Holly Tucker, from the voice,and RCMH,Rodeo City Music Hall,were she first met Amber Carrington,who was also on the voice.

Kadie Lynn`s biggest crowd has been 1,000 people at the Gun Barrel City July Fest,,,where she opened for Derek Sholl, Kevin Fowler and the great Vanilla Ice, Its a day she will never forget , Kadie Lynn`s favorite place to sing is Rodeo City Music Hall,and I have told you she has been singing there since she was 5 years old, how cool is that, and the Hayseed Opry,also it is always awesome to perform for worthy benefits

Kadie Lynn has been in several contests like Rural American Idol in P.O.I.N.T,Tx,and was awarded 2nd place ,and she will be doing again very soon, when Kadie Lynn was 5 she won 1st. in the talent portion of Little Miss East Texas,, One Karaoke contest at the Venue and she won 1st , Athens Talent Contest and she won 1st., and at present was in Texas Top 10 Talent Contest in singing and won 2nd. place witha cash award and was also awarded 3 scholarships .Kadie Lynn`s favorite colors are Hot Pink and Lime Green, as for food her favorite food is, SPEGHETTI,Kadie Lynn said it has to be her mom's spaghetti that is her favorite.

Kadie Lynn would love to sing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville,Tennessee,because it would be tons of publicity for her Kadie Lynn said , she would go from 1,000 LIKES to 2,000 LIKES,because there's up to 3,000 people there EVERY WEEKEND!!!

What kind of songs Kadie Lynn sings: she sings country,gosple,pop,and old classic rock,and she writes her own songs,but she not singing them yet...Kadie Lynn said because they still need a little tweaking,she usually has a friend to burn the CD`s and she finds chords on the computer to learn to play on her guitar,,,and then she practices a lot and works with her guitar instructor and vocal instructor until the song is what she calsl "stage ready",,,,then she performs the new song and it makes her feel great to see the audience happy . Kadie Lynn would love to meet her favorite singer who is Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire. If these two came to her door and asked her to sing Kadie Lynn said she would probably faint,and when she wake up,she would faint AGAIN!! Kadie Lynn said It is AMAZING how eveything is happening so fast! Not too long ago she was singing at the July Fest in Gun Barrel City,and She thought that was big,BUT NOW,every November She goes on a cruise to the Bahamas and is singing for the Prime Minister!!!!

Kadie Lynn is working and raising funds for her debut CD now.There is a lot of work and money involved in the production of a CD,,,That is if you want it to be top notch, Kadie Lynn said. When she`s not singing, and has free time she goes fishing with her dad an ride bikes with her mom and hangs out with her friends,and plays with my bunny,Patches, and her 3 dogs,Inky,Harley,and Sugar.Kadie Lynn has a very large family 2 brothers 2 sisters and a 1/2 sister, 14 nieces and nephews ,2 great nieces and she loves to be around family especially at 4th of July and Christmas.

Kadie Lynn plays the piano,guitar,and she is trying to learn how to harmonize,She performs in stage plays and musicals because she also loves to act , and Kadie Lynn plays basketball and baseball. She would go around the world singing the word of our Lord and Savior,and lead everyone,her friends,family,and loved ones, to the word of God. John 3:16 For God so loved the world,that he gave his only begotten Son,that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,but have everlasting life. Kadie Lynn has a sweet careing heart and loves shareing the music that God gave to Kadie Lynn to share with all of you ,,she really has a true gift,, you got check her out you will love what you hear from this talented young lady.

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