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kaitlyn thomas

Kaitlyn Thomas started singing when she was little she sing everywhere and anytime and at any chance she can get .kaitlyn is amazing singer when u hear her amazing voice coming from this amazing Talent singer she follower her heart and beleaves in her self she loves her fans and her friends and family, she started taking singing more seriously when she was 8 years old and began taking private singing lessons. kaitlyn started learning the piano but she likes playing guitar more she change from playing piano to playing guitar she says she loves it so much. she says she still trying to think of a name for her guitar. kaitlyn loves singing its the best feeling in the wourld and its the way you can show your emotions feel emotions and be emotions she says. she friend sabrina carpenter says its best. song are what feelings are all about.she love listening to Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, the occasional Taylor Swift song and just love listening to her friends on you tube singing she says she they are all so talented!. She look up to and admire Sabrina Carpenter, Cjayelerose, Mckenzie Comer and Madeline Perrone. What got kaitlyn in singing is she used to come home from kinder and sing and dance and show her mum what she have learn that day.

kaitlyn mum thought that if she was going to be singing around the house she might as well be listening to it in tune and enrolled her at the johnny young talent school mill park,she just love going there and being with her friends and family she says she hopes one day see can come to usa to sing at nashville she amazing kid and ejoys being around her fans and enjoys shareing her songs with her fans


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