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 Louisa Tampi is amazing young lady with a beautiful voice  when her parents heard her sing she was 3 years old that time and they realized that she could sing really well. Louisa sang for the first time on stage at the age of 8.. Louisa been in contest one was America's got talent she said she had alot of fun,  When she sings every one smiles and sing along and she said its the best feeling in the world when her fans smile, Louisa writes her own music and sings cover songs to she has her own original song its in the making but it be out soon she very excited and cant wait, if u are reading this she may ready have her song out and hopes you all will enjoy it. She likes to sing old school hip hop music and  new R&B songs to.

Louisa  fav color is blue, and food well its hard pick one she said,  because she really loves all food, but she would have to say Asian food. When she has free time and has nothing to do she likes to relax in her room and go on instagram or take a dance class on her free time. Theirs alot of place were every one likes to sing if Louisa could pick a place to go and sing it would be Australia because her mom is from there Australia is a beautiful place to go, Louisa see's her self in the future as a big superstar singing and performing an making alot of new fans an sharing her music with every one and i know she will do great she has the gift an the voice.

She has sang at alot of place's like sporting events and parties and street fairs also charities, This talented lady can do it all and loves doing what she does and enjoy putting smiles on others faces, alot of kids would loved have their fav singer come to their house i ask Louisa if her fav singer came to her house what would she  do she said , she would be so shocked but excited too. If they asked her to sing with them she would be super shocked but really really happy.

You can find her on Facebook,YouTube check her out you will love her she amazing talented kid with a beautiful heart an a amazing voice for her age give her a chance and have a listen...

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