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  Madi is from Canada,Madi started singing when she was 6 years old,Her mom noticed that she could sing and found her a coach and she says the rest is history.,she loves to sing with all her heart when you see this talented young lady you can tell how much she loves to sing, when you listen to her music you hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes she does an amazing job on what she does she never gives up on her dreams, She hasn't played any instruments although she has been trying out guitars lately, Madi has performed in front of alot of people her first big show was when she sang the National Anthem for the Mexican Ambassador, she says it was amazing, she has been getting better and better at singing she sings beautiful she loves singing with all her heart its her dream to sing. She loves to sing country pop, and her most favorite song is ''try'' she says its is an original written about her life, madi entered ''Star on the rise'' twice.

Her first year she came in second and she sang sing sing. The second year she won first place and she singed love. Both were award contestwww.madi-lynn.coMMadi has more than one gift her other gifts are photogentic, and she loves to act to,and good equestrian rider. Madi has amazing gift from god, madi is a sweet careing person with a dream becoming a singer and riching her star, she has a heart full of joy love and music and she loves shareing her gift with her family and friends and even her fans if u ever have time please stop by to have a listen to her amazing taltend gift i know u will love her music and she always rock the house with music i wish for all her dreams to come true i will be their when she a star singing to the world keep up the good work madi your star is shining down on you. her favourite place is Grand Ole OpryPersonal Interests:Madi loves to ride horses, swimming, hanging out with her friends,travel with her family, she wants to be a entertainer in the future. .favorite color is yellow and she loves McDonald's favorite place to sing at is Grand Ole Opry,

Sept,14,2011 updated 1/21/2014

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