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 McKenzie Steiner been singing when she was little she just love singing she use to ride on long car rides to her sister's softball tournaments  she enjoyed singing along with the radio (her dad did too) she started singing when she was about 3. she sang for the first time in Public when she was 8 and with a band for the first time when she was 9 and now have her own full 6 piece band that she started when she was 11 years old.

Did McKenzie sing on stage before yes she have sang on several stages, in many states through out the Midwest.    McKenzie been in contest like The Nebraska Country Music Foundation Festival, Several Karaoke competitions through the NCMF, The Nebraska Music Organization Karaoke Competition,The Texaco Country Music Showdown, Kidzbop, The Galaxy of Stars,  McKenzie  enjoy singing country music songs that tell a story about life and have meaning... For her fans, she enjoy singing songs that put them in a good mood and makes them want to dance. This talented young lady has a wonderful voice she dont  have her own Cds yet. but she currently working on some original music with her band though and when they get a few songs she would like to have them recorded professionally. she  don't write her own music, but she do write song lyrics. she very good at it what she does i would buy her cds,she very very talented

 McKenzie enjoy  singing Country music is being able to make people happy with something She have such a passion for 10, Here is her little fav things her  Color is Neon Yellow and  favorite food is Raising Cane's Chicken and toast when she has free time, she be  playing games on the WII or on her computer. if she can pick a place in the world to sing what place would it be an why Madison Square Gardens. Some of the biggest names in music have played Madison Square Gardens and she like to as well someday were she see her self in the future  being  famous Country singer and would love to be able to help others with her music..    McKenzie sung with Tyler Ward in Colorado and one of the songs she sang was televised "Live" on the CBS Sport Network, she recently sang with three Nebraska Bands- The Nebraska Country Music Foundation three times, The Jason Earl Band and Crossfire. If Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift or Miranda Lambert came to  McKenzie house and asked her to sing with them,she says probably laugh and say "OK, what song do you want to sing? How about we sing one of yours together and then maybe we can sing one of mine together".

McKenzie has a bright future head of her she shining bright she never gives up on what she loves to do i know an all her friends knows she a true star she her out she amazing singer

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