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Sapphire   started singing at the age of 3yrs, she also have singing lessons now , to help her learn how to look after her voice and use her vocals to their best, she really enjoy it! she did her first singing exam this year and got a distinction, it was awesome she said , her mom and dada brought a bunny rabbit as a well done, his name is Toffee. her sister and herself are home schooled which is awesome she said , she said she love it! This enables her to spend more time on things they love and enjoy, they also have lots of opportunities to do things some of their school friends are unable. A year ago Sapphire started lessons to teach herself how to play both the guitar and the piano, she now have her own guitar which is a limited edition white Sandi Thom, which is awesome. At home they now have a music room, she have a Saffire microphone, a guitar, a keyboard and drums, it's very cool she says ....

she loved watching Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, she went to a singing and drama school and she sang Part of Your World by Ariel, that’s what inspired her People at the drama school used to tell her that she was a great singer, they made her the soloist in most of their musicals. At the age of 5, she did the musical Oliver, she sang and got the loudest cheer of the day, Sapphire   said it was so amazing that she cried. Being so young it startled her a little and her mom said she should perhaps just focus on her singing for herself not for the drama school and until she felt confident or wanted to return to the stage. she then started singing in her room and when she was 7, her mom told her about youtube, she practiced one song and put her first song on there, then, she got lots of likes and really nice comments, that’s when she knew it was fine to sing in front of people, she loved it, she wanted to be a star! Since then she have been performing for both YouTube and onstage which has been awesome, she was  so pleased her mom said to have a break when she was younger as now being older she is loving it and can deal with it Last year 2011, Sapphire Upshall sang in a talent competition, she was very excited but also nervous, the final was on stage with lots of other contestants. When they announced the winner, it was her! she was in tears, so was her mum, also she had won $200.... she did that when she was 8, it was amazing she said , Sapphire could not believe it. she also did Star Sensations this year (2012), she was the youngest finalist to ever get through to the grand finals. she didn’t win (I think they needed someone much older than her ) but,Sapphire did win peoples hearts because the audience after the competition told her she should have won! On youtube, people would put the most amazing comments such as: "you are the next Adele" "incredible!" "you made me cry

she  can’t remember how it was when she sang her first song, she guess it was amazing.Sapphire Upshall  won Kids Got Talent – mentioned above - it was in Surrey/Hampshire in Great Britain. she sang Make you Feel My Love by Adele, her semi-final song was The Climb by Miley Cyrus. For Star Sensations she sang 'Rolling in the Deep' by Adele and then 'Sing' by Gary Barlow and Commonweath her first stage performance was 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid, Sapphire Upshall   was 4years old and was Ariel, she was to an audience of approx 200 people, they were amazing and she felt so excited from it. After winning "Kids got Talent" she was told about a young girl called Hannah who was fighting a brain tumor and needed to raise $200,000 for treatment in the USA, Sapphire Upshall was given the opportunity to record a cd to help her raise some money.

The cd had four songs which she sang accoustically with her guitar teacher in a recording studio, it was amazing! Sapphire then went on local radio for interviews, performed at a Christmas concert and then also at the Aldershot Football Stadium for their New Years Eve Gala, it was all very exciting. she then had the opportunity to meet Hannah who she had never met, she was an incredible young lady, they had a very long chat and cuddle! She was so appreciative of her help and so far she have managed to raise $1,000 for Hannah, very kind people from all over the world including the USA and Australia have very kindly brought the cd, this was something very special to her. The best news is that Hannah started treatment last Christmas 2011 and only 3 weeks ago she was told the tumour has gone, Sapphire cried so much with joy, she deserves a wonderful life.

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