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Sivan Ben David

Sivan started singing when she was just three years old and focused more on it when she was about five.  When you hear Sivan sing she will blow you away with her amazing voice as she rocks the house singing with such beauty.  She is also a very bright young lady and loves to sing at every opportunity offered.  When I first heard Sivan sing, I was shocked by the amazing voice coming from this astonishing young star.  I understand Sivan is learning the keyboard and I'm certain that when she's ready we'll all be in for a treat. Sivan has always been inspired to sing by the joy that she sees on the faces of others. Sivan became interested in singing because it was a wonderful way for her to express her emotions.  She has been performing live in front of people since she was six years old, and made her debut in the role of Glinda in the Broadway Production of the Wiz at the Broward Center of Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale.  Performing at local Charity Events, National Competitions and Musical Theater, Sivan loves to perform live and can't wait to get up on the next stage.

 It's so exciting for her to see all of the faces in the audience and know that they are enjoying listening to her sing. Sivan discovered that she had a big voice when she first auditioned for the role of young Cosette in "Les Mis" for the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theater when she was 6 years old.  Sivan says she would LOVE to have her own CD someday in the not too distant future, and I know that day will come soon. In fact, in April of 2012, Sivan began this journey in earnest by writing the lyrics and melody for her first original song, "Just Be You."  It is a ballad with a dance twist that resonates with old and young alike as Sivan reminds us "to just grab the magic within," and be true to ourselves.  The track was produced by Mike Soper and Paul Granato.  She filmed the Official Music Video with Jake Master of MikeSoperMusic.

Sivan is a true star to all of us that are fortunate enough to know her, and when she goes for her dreams her heart shines brighter each and every time.  When she sings people love listening to her and she loves sharing her gift with all.  Sivan is a very creative writer and has a fantastic imagination as well.  She's very flexible and innovative while dancing to the beat of the music.  Sivan even has her Orange Belt in Kung Fu at the moment.  Her favorite food is chocolate and her favorite color is blue. 

Sivan just loves to sing Pop, R&B, Blues, and Broadway Show Tunes.  She loves anything by Florence Welch of "Florence and the Machine."  Sivan also adores all music by Adele, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. Sivan's future is wide open and she would love to perform using her voice and dance abilities in either Musical Theater or in the Music Industry as either a solo or lead vocalist in a band.  Sivan's dream venue to sing and perform would probably be on Broadway, in New York City, or on the same stage as Adele or Florence Welch.  Please do stop by her channel to see her awesome videos; also, be sure to sub, like and share her gift with everyone you know.  Sivan is destined to be a super star, but she's already a star in our hearts!  Keep up the good work my friend because you are on your way to the top. 

Sivan Ben David on stars of the future

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