Stars of the future






 Jadelyn & Brycelyn  are from WV,usa,, they been singing for 3years..
  They have sung at  Nashville Hard Rock Cafe, North Carolina The Guitar Center, Florida Jacksonville Landing, Boston Hard Rock Café, and many other venues They enjoy singing every were an seeing new places an meeting new fans They have their own CD the CD is called The Graham Twins not sure if its available Their favorite place to sing is Nashville TN,  They love to sing in front of their fans .  The Graham Twins have sung on stage as they opened up for Confederate Railroad and the Right On Band, Which is the world’s greatest 70’s show band. Jadelyn an Brycelyn have many favorite songs such as Titanium by David Guetta , Ready or Not by Bridgett Mendler, Just a Fool by Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, Try by Pink, Stars by Grace Potter, and Stay by Rihanna just to name a few. They do write their own songs as they have written five songs total.they like to sing about their life experiences...

Theses talented twins know as YouTube stars they will blow you away i never heard amazing voice  coming from two amazing talented twins you can find them on YouTube u have go check them out i call them YouTube  twins they use their twin powers to bring music to the world for us to enjoy they bring music to life when they sing an they let their heart shine when they follow their dreams

Brycelyn’s favorite food is spaghetti and favorite colors are neon green and neon pink. Jadelyn’s favorite food is salad and Mac and cheese favorite color is blue. When their not playing music when they have free time they love to swim, roller skate, and go bowling or they go play with their pets they have a west highland white terrier named Keige an they also have a black and white cat name Oreo.....
Jadelyn an Brycelyn said if they can pick a place to sing in the would it would be HOLLYWOOD or Las Vegas , they entered many contests to name a few The Dirty Dancing Talent show at Mountain Lake VA, an they placed first and won $300, they won first place in the group competition Small Town Big Timers, an First place in a contest in Lexington VA and won $300 and as of August the 3rd 2013 they took first in the Greater Blue field Talent Contest and took home $100.

If Jadelyn & Brycelyn could make any changes in the world it would be  anti-bullying, an hunger,their a lot of people out their has no food nothing to eat, being able to raise money for charities in general. an stop bullying put a end to it they did a cover of Titanium, because they love the song and their video was kind of aimed towards anti-bullying ..Their best moments singing together are when they are performing for their fans and making them happy and pleased.  They hope to see out selves in the future having a record deal, going on tour, and performing concerts.The young players club in Boston Mass selected 14 kids out of the United States and Canada to perform at the Hard Rock Café and they were one of the 14 selected to perform, in which they considered a great honor as they were only ten years old at the time. The twins have also received an invitation for a special audition in New York City for the new Voice which will be airing on NBC sometime in the spring.
Jadelyn & Brycelyn said its great having a twin sister as they share everything such as clothes, jewelry, and dreams.They get to switched places and enjoy playing jokes on their family and friends people get them mixed up all the time. There really isn’t any good way to tell them apart because they are identical. when Jadelyn an Brycelyn perform they ware their hair the same. maybe one day we will know which is which.The girls are one of a kind they believe in their self an each other i know u will enjoy their music an they will share their music with u they have a gift from god girls keep up the good work my friend you two are shinning very bright..the girls want to tell all kids that has dreams to always follow their dreams, practice hard, be dedicated, and NEVER ever give up on your dreams.


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